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Accountability Solutions

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Work-Life-Home Planning

  • Create a schedule and set boundaries

  • Give yourself breaks

  • Schedule 10 minutes per day to chat with coworkers (via Slack, Zoom, or any other real-time communication tool) about non-work stuff.

  • Get fresh air

  • Make time for yourself

  • Take time off

  • Keep news to a minimum

  • Ask for support

  • Make Work-Life Balance a priority while working from the home or office setting


Education and Career
Development Planning

  • Learn about career anchors

  •  Learn about skills and accomplishments and identify occupations using preferred skills.

  • Consider Self-employment realities (optional)

  • Complete in-depth occupation and education research and evaluation.

  • Explore scholarships and other financial awards.

  • Establish next step goals and post-secondary plans.

  •  Create a resume and cover letter, master job search skills.

  • Explore financial issues associated with the next steps.

  • Consider the military as an option

  • Make financial plans.

  •  Reflect upon learning and experiential learning and process in detail to create an action plan.

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Next Stage Planning

  • Recognize a healthy and holistic understanding of this new stage of life.

  • Recognize a new sense of direction and purpose for your life.

  • Recall what needs to change or remain regarding your financial conditions, relationships, and healthy habits.

  • Identify supports within families, physicians, community.

  • Identify needed resources to assist with the next life stages.

  • Develop a Master Plan for being successful in this new stage of your life.

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MMHN was introduced to the community of Hanover, Virginia in 2019. MMHN began as a network that provided community members with connectivity to services needed for personal growth and sustainability. In 2020, MMHN expanded its reach across the United States of America into some parts of Africa and Mexico to assist with various economical barriers involving person-centered, next stage, accountability, and continued educational planning strategies. MMHN worked consistently providing resources as solutions to challenging obstacles that could not be overcome with independence. Together MMHN and other partnering corporations have been able to establish and re-establish foundations for various communities. MMHN  looks forward to continuing efforts toward community enhancement and sustainability through rising challenges and forming new partnerships  encounters with the leaders of tomorrow. 



The accountability partners at MMHN empower you with their passion and experience to help you optimize and live your own high-performing life. Guiding you to find your best self and providing the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for anything.

T. Priest, Entrepreneur